World Cup 2023 : India Still not Confirmed Semifinals, Who Can Make it?

India dominated the ICC World Cup 2023 from the beginning. After the match between India and England, at Bharat Ratna Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ekana Cricket Stadium, in Lucknow, India on the top position of Points Table with 6 wins and 12 points. Despite making it six wins out of six matches, India have not yet confirmed their semifinals spot. The format which has every team playing each other in the group stage keeps every team in the reckoning till almost the end. Though till now India is on the gate to enter top 4 list. Other teams also holding their position and fighting for their spot.

  1. India – India dominated the ICC World Cup 2023 points table with 6, wins in a row and 12 points. Their Net Run Rate (NRR) of +1.405 is commendable.
  2. South Africa – South Africa sit at the second spot of the points table. With 5 victories and just 1 loss from their 6 matches, they’ve got 10 points. They also have the highest Net Run Rate (NRR) of +2.032.
  3. New Zealand : New Zealand have played 6 matches. With 4 wins, they accumulated 8 points. Their NRR stands at +1.232.
  4. Australia : After two loss Australia is back on the track. With 4 wins, they accumulated 8 points and holding 4th position on the points table. Their Net Run Rate is +0.970.
  5. Afghanistan : Afghanistan already proved their victory was not a mare flook. With their 3rd win against another test playing Nation Sri Lanka they got 6 points and 5th position on the table. NRR -0.718.
  6. Sri Lanka : With 6 matches played, Sri Lanka have secured only 2 victories, giving them 4 points. A negative NRR of -0.275. They lost their last three matches, including against Afghanistan. So, it will be difficult for them to get to the spot.

Though other taems are also struggling, it is showing that the chances of getting world cup semi-finals spot almost impossible for defending champions England. With just 1 win and 2 points in 6 matches they are at the bottom of the points table. Bangladesh is just above England on the table with sames points and victory number. However with 2 victories in 6 mathers, Netherlands is at the better position than two test playing nations.

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