World Cup 2023 : Angelo Mathews Got Out Without Playing Any Ball, First Victim of ‘Timed Out’ 

Too much drama during Bangladesh Sri Lanka match in ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in New Delhi on Monday. Sri Lanka batter Angelo Mathews  became the first cricketer to be given ‘timed out’ in the history of international cricket. He got out without even playing a single ball. Bangladesh captain appealed for ‘timed out’. But it became a big issue regarding spirit of cricket.

The incident occurred during Bangladesh versus Sri Lanka match at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in New Delhi. After the dismissal of Sri Lankan batter Sadeera Samarawickrama in the 25th over of the innings, Mathews was the next batter to bat. As he went to the field some issues occurred with his helmet. The strap of his helmet was not intact. So, it got delayed to take strike for him. That time Bangladesh skipper Shakib Al Hasan made an appeal of out. On fields Umpires accepted the appeal and declared Angelo Mathews as ‘timed out’.

According to ICC World Cup rule, the time limit for the next batter to take the strike after any dismissal of previous batter is two minutes. Though as per MCC law 40.1 (Timed Out) – A batter has to be ready to receive the next ball within three minutes of the dismissal or retirement of a player. Shakib Al Hasan made a successful appeal on ICC World Cup rule. After declared ‘timed out’ Mathews was to have a discussion with the umpire and he also tried to explain it to Shakib. The substitute ran out with the correct helmet, but it went in vain. Shakib Al Hasan did not withdraw his appeal. After arguing with the umpires for a period of time Mathews leave the pitch in frustration.

Samarawickrama was dismissed at 15:49 local time according to official scorers at the venue whereas Mathews was timed out at 15:54 local time. He walked in at 15:50 local time according to the official scorers, but wasn’t ready at the crease within the time. Previously ‘timed out’ dismissal has occurred in men’s cricket six times, but all of those were in first class cricket. Angelo Mathews is the first victim of ‘timed out’ in One Day International Cricket.

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