World Cup 2023 : India vs Pakistan Semi-final Possibilities

India already qualified for the semi-finals as the first team in ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. After that South Africa and Australia booked their spots in the semi-finals. The next games for both the teams will decide their second and third place. But for the forth spot, there are opportunities for Pakistan, New Zealand and Afghanistan. If Pakistan qualifies for the semis, then again India verses Pakistan Clash is possible in the world cup 2023. Pakistan’s game against England will be instrumental in deciding their future in the competition. There is still a solid chance that India and Pakistan can end up facing each other in the World Cup semifinals.

India have 16 points from 8 matches. Their next and final round robin match is against Netherlands. But India already guaranteed the top spot in the points table. Pakistan and New Zealand have one match left in the tournament while Afghanistan will play South Africa in their final group stage game. Afghanistan already lost against Australia. If they lose against South Africa too, the race will come down to Pakistan and New Zealand. If Afghanistan win against South Africa and Pakistan, New Zealand win their respective matches, all three teams will have 10 points. Then the Net Run Rate (NRR) will decide the 4th spot for the semi-finals.

If Pakistan win their last match and both New Zealand, Afghanistan lose their games, then Pakistan will finish fourth in the points table. So, Pakistan have to win their last match and depend on results of Afghanistan and New Zealand matches. Now New Zealand, Pakistan and Afghanistan, all teams have 8 points after winning the same number of matches. All won 4 matches. New Zealand is now on the 4th spot of the points table with Net Run Rate (NRR) +0.398. Pakistan NRR +0.036, Afghanistan NRR -0.338. Among these 3 teams, one will face India in the Semi-finals.

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